Ambassador Programme

Acting as a Conference Ambassador for Cork allows you to engage with international conference planners, enhance your profile and that of your organisation, contribute positively to the local economy and showcase Cork on a world stage.

What does a Cork Ambassador do and who typically becomes one?

Cork Conference Ambassadors are members of national and international organisations who can influence the location of future conferences and who will work with the Cork Convention Bureau to secure conferences in Cork.

Become a Failte Ireland Conference Ambassador:


Could you be a Cork Conference Ambassador?
  • Are you an active member of an Association, Federation, University, Society or Sporting Organisation?
  • Do you attend national or international events which could be held in Cork?
  • Do you influence which host country is chosen for your organisations future events?
  • Are you interested in bringing an international conference or event to Cork?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you are an ideal candidate to become a Cork Convention Bureau Ambassador and receive support to shine on an international stage, highlight your discipline, enhance your reputation, promote your work and earn recognition from your peers by bringing your next international conference or event to Cork.

Cork Convention Bureau – Ambassador Programme – Award
Why become a Cork Ambassador you ask?

Well there are many reasons but here’s a few of the most important ones:

  • Earn national and international recognition from professional colleagues
  • Increase the profile of your University / Organisation or Association
  • Enhance your reputation in your area of expertise
  • Positively influence the theme, content or subject matter of the conference or meeting
  • Expand your network and develop relationships that can potentially lead to forming research partnerships, secure future funding and establish links worldwide in your respective field of expertise
  • Increase exposure of Cork and Ireland as an area of academic and scientific excellence
  • Play a vital role in securing business that delivers direct economic benefit to the region
  • Underpin and stimulate improved access via Cork Airport, creating positive momentum for future growth
  • Showcase Cork as a centre of excellence
What can the Cork Convention Bureau do to help you?

Working in partnership with Fáilte Ireland, the Cork Conference Ambassador programme provides the opportunity for you to increase your professional profile and cement Cork on the global map by creating networking opportunities, fostering research partnerships, securing funding and establishing international links in your specialist area.

Our programme provides relevant, impartial assistance and financial support to Conference Ambassadors at every stage of the event, from the initial bid to marketing and promotion.

The Cork Convention Bureau can assist in securing financial funding as well as provide advice and practical supports for Cork Ambassadors through our Conference Ambassador Programme.

The Cork Convention Bureau offers a range of free or charge and impartial services to ensure your conference is a step (or two) above the rest.

These services include:

  • Access to funding for events of 50+ international delegates
  • Accommodation and venue searches
  • Gala dinner venue recommendations
  • Preparation of Bid Documents, Itineraries and Social Programmes
  • Provision of promotional materials including videos, images and tourism literature
  • Assistance securing and organising civic receptions
  • Supplier recommendations and introductions which includes professional conference organisers, destination management companies, caterers, team building services, audio visual experts, entertainments, etc.
  • Aid co-ordinating site inspections, familiarisation and media visits
  • We will provide tourism literature for your delegates, pins, delegate badges and pens.

At the Cork Convention Bureau, we understand that the prospect of inviting your international association or society to Ireland for its next conference or event may be a daunting task. However, the Cork Convention Bureau is here to assist you and provide guidance every step of the way.

Cork Convention Bureau will provide you with practical and financial support throughout the bidding stages. The Bureau will invest resources towards compiling and, in some cases, presenting bid documents and hosting site inspections with member properties and venues.

How can you become an Ambassador for Cork?

It’s very easy, so easy in fact we’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps:

1. Get In Touch

If you’re considering Cork as the location for your next conference we would love to meet with you – the sooner the better!

Whether it’s 50, 500 or 1,000 delegates, here at the Cork Convention Bureau we specially tailor our support to make the process easier for you. We will help you bid, secure and organise a remarkable conference.

2. Working Together

The Cork Convention Bureau will work with you to exploit both our strengths in order to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

All we ask of you is to provide the scientific, technical or industry knowledge and the contacts, the Cork Convention Bureau will look after the rest.

3. Ongoing Support

The Cork Conference Ambassador Programme doesn’t seize there.

We will continue to work with you and your Conference Committee to create a distinctive, efficient and memorable conference that showcases your organisation and the Cork region to the highest possible level.

Please email us now to find out how our FREE support and assistance programme can help you bring your next conference, meeting or event to one of the many well-established and excellently equipped Cork venues.

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