Nano Nagle Place

Delegate numbers: Any number for visits (meeting room up to 35 people / conference room up to 105 people)
What it is: Cultural, historic and community learning
Who it supports: Local community education projects
Time needed: Variable

Nano Nagle Place is an unexpected oasis in the centre of bustling Cork City, a place that celebrates Nano Nagle’s vision of empowerment through education, community inclusion and spiritual engagement for a contemporary world. The complex houses an award-winning museum, regenerated heritage buildings, walled gardens, a design shop & Cork focussed book shop and a wonderful café. The beautifully restored convent buildings are home to several community education projects that focus on supporting marginalised or minority communities in Cork and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Nano Nagle Place would be delighted to hear from visitors who would like to discuss potential partnership opportunities with their community groups or organise a shared learning event with some of the local team and other stakeholders in Cork.

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