Cork Hotels leading the way in Sustainability with first certified green managers

Three Cork Hotels have had staff awarded the Certificate in Environmental Sustainability Management in Hospitality (CTH) to become Corks first certified Green Mangers. Nicole O’ Leary and Edel Kavanagh from the Cork International and Metropole Hotel and Christina O’ Sullivan from the Imperial Hotel were awarded the certificates in a ceremony in Cork College of FET- Westside Hospitality Campus, a sub-location of Cork College of FET Bishopstown Campus.

The Certificate in Environmental Sustainability is a follow-on programme from the Fifty Shades Greener environmental programme. All three hotels have already completed the 50 Shades Greener Programme resulting in more sustainable tourism in their hotel. This Certificate in Environmental Sustainability management in Hospitality is designed to upskill people working within the hospitality industry to become the ‘Green Managers’ of the future. It empower learners to make a real difference to their workplace by training them to deliver meaningful environmental improvements within their hospitality property.

Reducing the use of energy and water, cutting the production of waste and reducing business utilities will not only facilitate a reduction of carbon emissions but also deliver the potential to save money. If effectively put into practice, the implemented principles can be a win-win for business owners, the industry and the planet. This Level 4 Certificate programme is a practically-driven ‘action-based’ programme, where learners will be presented with a number of tasks in each of the six units to be completed at home or at their workplace. The completion of these modules will allow candidates to measure and reduce utilities costs and wastage.

In an era when reducing our environmental footprint is a pressing requirement for any hospitality organisation, this programme is an essential component of employers’ staff training provision. All good training programmes ideally yield benefits for both the learner and their workplace, but this programme also potentially benefits the earth as well. The programme was available fully funded under the governments Skills to Advance initiative for upskilling.