Visit Cork Green Award 2021

The Visit Cork Green Award 2021 was awarded to the Cork International Hotel for their team’s continual work on improving the hotel’s sustainability and their support to local causes throughout the year.

The hotel was one of many CCB members to work on improving their sustainable outcomes this year, with the Cork International Hotel standing out in particular for the below actions:

  • Created a greening team to encourage a environmentally aware culture.
  • Created a Greening Manifesto.
  • Environment, Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion & Community have been made core strategic pillars for their company Trigon hotels.
  • Completed training with Fifty Shades Greener which has helped to measure their Carbon Foot Print and manage resources.
  • Created a roof garden which now supplies herbs and vegetables to the their kitchen.
  • Harvested Rain Water to service the roof garden.
  • Built their first Bee Hotel.
  • Signed up to be part of the Irish Pollinator Plan.
  • Worked with Cope Foundation and Ability@work to promote Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace.
  • Developing a sensory garden with the Cope Foundation.
  • Launched the Community Spirit Awards which seeks to recognise and highlight the amazing contributions of both individual and groups in the community.

To learn more about the Cork International Hotel’s sustainable actions visit:

The Visit Cork Green Award was set up to encourage and reward our CCB Members who made a commitment to operating sustainably and will return again in 2022.