ICCA 2019 Rankings

It’s great to be able to update on some good news for the region of Cork in the midst of all this uncertainty. At Visit Cork, under the Cork Convention Bureau brand, our focus is on winning conferences that we have an opportunity to bid for, by working with local members of international associations. This ‘conference ambassador’ programme has proved our most successful model for winning business.

ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association, has been tracking internationally rotating association conferences since its inception. The annual ICCA country and city rankings are one of the most eagerly anticipated reports in the global meetings industry. The report is based on the number of qualified association meetings held in each city and country.

Based on the number of qualifying association conferences held in 2019, Cork moved up 25 places on the worldwide rankings (from 272nd place to 247th) and moved up 9 places on the European rankings, (from 132nd to 123rd). This strong ranking improvement is a validation of Cork as an attractive destination for international conferences and meetings. For the full 2019 ICCA Statistics Report please click here:  ICCA_Statistics_Report_Europe_2010-2019.2

Also, if you are a member of an international association and would like to know more about the free of charge supports available through Cork Convention Bureau and Failte Ireland to help you win your organisation’s conference for Cork, please don’t hesitate to contact me Evelyn@visitcork.ie