Community Engagement & Social Sustainability

Why not add a social sustainability element to your next MICE event in Cork? The following activities can be organised for your group or promoted to participants on an individual basis. Some activities are free, volunteering opportunities, and others are organised for a fee.

By participating in one of the following activities you can:

– Support a local charity or social enterprise in Cork
– Engage in an authentic, local experience that supports employment in the local community
– Enhance the visitor experience for your MICE participants
– Generate a sense of wellbeing and social inclusion
– Promote greater teamwork and group collaboration
– Support the environment and appreciation for nature

Delegate numbers: Unlimited
What it is: Nature activity
Who it supports: The environment
Time needed: A few hours
Delegate numbers: Groups of 20
What it is: Getting creative with your painting skills
Who it supports: Patients, staff & visitors to CUH
Time needed: Half Day
Delegate numbers: Groups of 8 to 300 People
What it is: History, sports and entertainment
Who it supports: Personal wellbeing and local sporting communities
Time needed: Approx. 3 hours
Delegate numbers: Please enquire
What it is: Nature activity
Who it supports: The environment & personal wellbeing
Time needed: 2 Hours
Delegate numbers: Minimum: 17 / Maximum: 272 (16 crews of 17 participants)
What it is: Hands-on activity
Who it supports: Young people to engage with maritime education and training
Time needed: Full-Day
Delegate numbers: Any number for visits (meeting room up to 35 people / conference room up to 105 people)
What it is: Cultural, historic and community learning
Who it supports: Local community education projects
Time needed: Variable
Delegate numbers: Groups of 13
What it is: Develop teamwork skills
Who it supports: People affected by substance abuse & mental health
Time needed: Full Day / Half Day
Delegate numbers: Any number
What it is: Community run/walk
Who it supports: Personal wellbeing and migrant/refugee communities
Time needed: Approx. 1 hour
Delegate numbers: n/a
What it is: Educational resources for young people
Who it supports: Local primary schools
Time needed: Max. 5 minute video clip / Gift-a-box scheme takes 5 minutes to book!
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